Ralph S. Adorno, CLU

For over 50 years, Ralph has helped clients from coast to coast maximize income and assets through basic, prudent, and Congress-approved tax planning strategies using annuities and life insurance.

These valuable, versatile, and often misunderstood problem-solving tools are essential for nearly all types of wealth creation, preservation, asset diversification, and maximization strategies to provide peace of mind and financial independence.

Annuities have three significant benefits for seniors:

  1. No other investment will pay you an income bonus for our advanced age
  2. Life insurance and annuities guarantee your income and principal return
  3. Annuities and life insurance bestow safety, leverage, and uncommon tax advantages

The importance of annuities and life insurance is not what they are, but what they can do for you, your favorite charities or foundation, and your family legacy in the hands of an expert.

Ralph has attended The American College for an insurance degree. In addition to writing articles for trade magazines, newspapers, he started his Tax Saving Ideas newsletter. He has conducted numerous lectures and seminars for various businesses, professional and educational organizations.

He is a member National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table, and in the top 1% of all life insurance professionals in America.

As an entrepreneur and investor he started an accounting firm, a finance company, real estate development, building, and a leasing company. His sons, Ralph, and Troy have businesses in development and construction.

Ralph prides himself as an expert on utilizing tried and proven methods. He is affectionate about helping families maximize their income and assets for themselves, their heirs, and favorite charities, usually at little or no out-of-pocket expense.

He practices what he preaches by giving to various non-profit organizations throughout the years. When his mother died of stomach cancer in 2007, he and his wife June utilized concepts give $500 thousand to a Major New York Hospital and University to benefit cancer research.

Ralph sells tax-saving ideas. He saves clients so much money that the immediate savings more than pay for his consultation fee.

He has the gift, insight, and skill to reduce complex financial issues to comprehend in everyday terms. Ralph says, “Why pay Uncle Sam when you can pay yourself, family, and charity?”